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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

For the Love of Kitchens

Designed by Aston Smith in collaboration with Dayle Bass, Dayle Bass Design

Lately I find myself being asked regularly "what are the latest trends in kitchens?"

In truth I feel like we are in a climate where alomost anything goes. When someone is remodeling a home they will live in for more than five years I always encourage them to do what pleases their eyes.

This clean contemporary kitchen on the Upper West Side of New York epitomizes the general "wish list" if you will of what my clients are asking for everyday.

The cabinetry is veneered in a high quality dimensional laminate, easy to clean, eco-friendly, and perfectly book matched.

The glass lift-up cabinets are a whimsical fun addition to the space. All of the uppers have glass bottoms with integrated lighting that illuminates the cabinet interior as well as the counters below.

The counter tops are Raven by Caesarstone  answering the modern homeowners need for low maintenance, high performance, beautiful counter top surfacing.

The Blanco faucet is functional and beautiful, with the detachable gooseneck spout, it allows for maximum range to clean large pots in this heavily used kitchen.

Behind the doors of the pantry are a variety of storage solutions, ranging from a stainless steel pull out pantry to broom storage, and pullout shelving.

The open feel of this kitchen marries the casual family dining/living area to the kitchen area for a busy family with three young children who like to interact with mom and dad while they cook the daily meals.

The stainless steel toe kicks offer a neat transition from the light hardwood floors to the charcoal rift cabintry, eliminating the need to replace the flooring.

Image Credit To Peter Paige


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