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I have 20+ years experience in Home Furnishings and Interior Design, specializing in Kitchen and Bath Design since '01. I work for Bilotta Kitchens in the A&D Building on East 58th Street in the Mid-town Manhattan. I have a passion for learning and love the opportunity to collaberate on projects of all sizes. My strengths in the field begin with my design background, use of color and texture to bring interest to a room, spatial relationships, organizational skills, innovation, decisiveness, and planning. I have had the thrilling experience of helping hundreds...?maybe thousands of people with their projects, and what I love is it never gets boring, and no two are ever the same. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

For the Love of Foam

I have had a love affair with Windex ever since I was a kid, helping my mom get ready for company, "Windexing" was one of the jobs she would willingly hand over. Presumably with an "I need the help, and how much damage can she (me) really do" thought in mind. I loved cleaning, seeing how long I could make a cloth last, experimenting with different quantities of cleaning fluid, seeing the dirt disappear. Sounds exciting huh, well let's remember there weren't 200+ TV channels and iPads to play with back then! Helping Mom out was a great pass-time and generally came with a small reward.

I can remember when Glass Plus first came out,  and my mom brought it home to try. It just wasn't the same. I used excessive amounts to get rid of it quicker, and left the windows streaky in the hopes I'd be rewarded with the return of Windex. I can honestly say, I've never tried other types of glass cleaner as and adult.

A couple of months back I was contacted by a company to try out their window cleaning product. I thought, well, why not give it a try, it was complimentary which I must mention for the record. I was a little leery of the name "Fish Foam" which to me conjures up images of fishies being whipped up in a blender...a few days later a box arrived with three big red cans. Yes cans, with a nice big button to dispense the product. The first thing I thought was, that's an improvement, I can remember how many times I've had to swap pumpers from one bottle to another, annoying and drippy.

Since I received the package, I have to say I have done several comparisons between Fish Foam and my Windex, and Fish Foam has performed very favorably as a cleaner.  I also find it really easy to dispense and control the direction of the cleaner. It seems to me there is less waste, making it economical, and Fish Foam dries streak free.  I have shared it with friends and gotten all positive feedback. I would recommend the the product especially to anyone who has trouble using spray pump bottles. My only criticism would be that the name doesn't make me think it's a cleaning product.