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I have 20+ years experience in Home Furnishings and Interior Design, specializing in Kitchen and Bath Design since '01. I work for Bilotta Kitchens in the A&D Building on East 58th Street in the Mid-town Manhattan. I have a passion for learning and love the opportunity to collaberate on projects of all sizes. My strengths in the field begin with my design background, use of color and texture to bring interest to a room, spatial relationships, organizational skills, innovation, decisiveness, and planning. I have had the thrilling experience of helping hundreds...?maybe thousands of people with their projects, and what I love is it never gets boring, and no two are ever the same. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Illuminated Kitchen

One of the many things that sets MCK+B apart from the other kitchen showrooms in New York City is that our kitchens are live working displays. How great is it to be in an exciting diverse city with access to all the latest greatest kitchen technology? and to be able to invite clients in on a daily basis to explore the newest technology "hands-on"? Well this month we took it one step further by inviting the public in for a live cooking demonstration every week!

Introducing Chef Jonathan “Lumino” Jamison, trained at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY; and private chef to notables around the globe. Chef Lumino will be at Manhattan Center for Kitchen and Bath at 29 East 19th Street between Broadway and Park, every Wednesday from 4pm-6pm. He will be mixing up seasonal dishes using fresh organic produce, meat and dairy from the Farmers market at Union Square and cooking to perfection in the live SubZero/Wolf Kitchen with Cabinetry by Rutt and Counter tops by Caesarstone, featuring Concetta.

These delicious demonstrations will become a weekly “Webisode” cooking show on MCKB’s YouTube channel starting in November. Clients and interested folks are welcome to stop by and become part of the fun. This week lucky by-tasters will sample pan-seared ostrich, fresh greens and an apple cobbler with locally grown apples.
So if you are in the city stop by and catch a live taping of the show titled THE ILLUMINATED KITCHEN at Manhattan Center for Kitchen & Bath. Wednesdays at 4pm.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Cork Flooring for the Kitchen

as seen on Apartment Therapy
Here is the quick how and why on cork flooring...I get so many inquiries, but few buyers...
People want to know:

"is it really a green product?" YES
"can it be washed?" YES
"Is it easy to install" YES

· Cork as a material, is harvested from the bark of living trees, so the resource isn’t diminished by the process, in fact it seems that it encourages more rapid growth. Additionally the material we offer at MCKB is made from 100% recycled material procured from the wine stopper industry.
· The composition of the material, little air filled pockets, is what makes cork naturally quiet, dent resistant, sound absorbent, and also warm.
· The cork can be installed over existing flooring, concrete or plywood
· Anti-allergenic
· The finish is applied after the floor is installed and should not need a secondary application for 5-7 years under normal residential use.
· Recommended cleaning is regular vacuuming, occasionally should be cleaned with hardwood  floor cleaner.
· The VOC measure on the product is considered negligible
· Some manufacturers offer  a 25 year warranty with limits on finish
· Expected lifetime of 25+ years.
· Qualifies for Leed points based on the following considerations:
  1.  recycled content
  2. rapidly renewable material
  3. low-emitting materials
All in it's a look you have to love, not for everyone... but certainly worth checking out and available in dozens of colors!