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Monday, May 21, 2012

Miele NYC Gallery, Immer Besser

Skyler Stevenson, Director of Marketing for Miele,
Prepping the Kitchen Studio for the
 ICFF Opening Night at the A &D Building NYC, May 21, 2012

Choosing Appliances for your home is a big decision, both because of how much we rely on them to make our lives easier and because they consume such a large portion of our remodeling budget. There is huge competition between the high end appliance companies to provide innovative function, better stying and options to suit the variety of homeowner wants and needs.

A class of propective Miele Owners being served
 Beef Tenderloin by Barbara Porteus
at a recent class.
It's always nice before making a final commitment to have an opportunity to see these appliances in action, something equivalent to a test drive on an automobile. However, while we accept a car with 75 miles on it as a new car, we wouldn't welcome a "new"  refrigerator or oven that has been "on loan". So considering that a complete appliance package can cost as much as a new car, what are the options? Trade shows offer some opportunity to see the appliances in action, but there is a more personal way. Many of the appliance companies have Gallery showrooms in major cities like the Miele Showroom at the Architect and Designers Building in New York.

Miele is well known for it's clean European styling, precision electric ovens, convenient built in coffee systems, quiet energy efficient dishwashers, and also first class refrigeration. When handling their appliances the quality and craftsmanship are apparent, making it hard not to want a full set for yourself after you experience the showroom.

In an effort to give consumers the advantage of seeing and touching the appliances and tasting the food, or experiencing the suction on a vacuum or listen for the quietness of their dishwashers, these gallery locations open up Monday through Friday, not only to be seen, but to have a full blown cooking experience.
They offer classes at no charge, and give hands on teaching with practical knowledge, as well as lunch and a glass of wine to compliment.
Lynne Anne Raabe and Barbara Porteus run the Miele Showroom in New York, and give lively, fun information packed seminars in the showroom. Lynne Anne, a former Kitchen Designer,  has been with Miele for 6 years, and she and Barbara, who has a background in entertainment volley the guests questions and the responsibilites of making and serving the meals,  all the while making it look very easy.

The Reception Area at the
Miele Gallery Showroom in NYC

The Bright Beautifully Appointed Cooking Studio
Where Consumer Get "Hands-On" experience
with Miele Products.
When I asked them what they liked most about their work, their answers were very similar. Each made reference to the interaction with the guests and the fun of doing something new every day. They also touched upon the fact that guests continue to marvel that they can come in and receive so much from a company before investing the product, they don't "sell" anything in the Gallery, so there is never any pressure to buy anything here.
While the New York showroom is open Monday through Friday 9-5, the classes are by appointment. If you are interested in attending one you can call (800) 843-7231, and while you are in the building stop by Bilotta Kitchens down the hall and the Sub Zero Wolf Showroom as well.


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    1. What a fantastic idea and although there is no pressure for anyone to buy, the whole experience must tempt the clients to purchase anyway. These are first-class products and the chance to see what they can do whilst enjoying a meal and a drink into the bargain is a great marketing tactic. Well done Miele for being so innovative.