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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

GE-Bringing New Things to Life...Again!

New GE Profile
French Door Refrigerator
Today at the Architect and Designers Building in New York City GE is launching two new French Door Refrigerator, each with innovative and unique properties. The counter depth models, one for the Profile line and one for the Cafe Series are streamlined and displayed today in a brushed stainless finish. These models will make their name based on the water dispenser and filtration system which is touted as the most advanced in the industry. In addition to removing up to 98% of pharmaceutical particulates
in an independent study, the dispenser are the tallest in the industry at 11", accepting tall pitchers and sport bottles etc. without leaving the usual puddle on the floor.
GE Profile Hands Free
Auto Fill Technology

The Profile is available in 27 and 29 cu. ft. models, the Cafe is available in the larger 29 cu. ft. size. Other headline features for the Profile model include the auto-fill technology where the dispenser senses the containers presence and at the touch of a button calibrates the volume and fills the vessel to 90% capacity before shutting off.

Convenient Filter Change
The Cafe model is offering some even flashier technology with a hot water dispenser that offers 4 factory preset temperatures ranging from baby formula temp, to oatmeal to hot chocolate, and then a variable setting programmable by the user. The hot water is directed towards the rear of the dispenser cavity to ensure that the user doesn't get splashed by the hot water requires two step initiation of dispensing to render the unit child safe.

The water filter is concealed, access is conveniently through the left door, very smart looking and no more reaching over the top shelf to change it!

It was a very exciting preview and I hope you check out the features of these new appliances, looking forward to comments and reactions from homeowners and designers!


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