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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bathroom Trends

Bathrooms are the second largest single home renovation project second only that is to a kitchen. It's exciting as a designer when a bathroom comes my way that rivals a kitchen in size and complexity. It's fun exploring the new technology and being creative with the client to achieve a look that is personal to them. And it's easy to spend upwards of $50,000 on a well appointed master bath. As homeowners are considering their home longer term investments and less apt to "flip" property, they are returning to the well planned and better equipped Master ensuite.  

12"X12" Faceted Limestone

 Recently I had such an opportunity in a great loft apartment in Chelsea on the West Side. Going for a minimalist look, the entire bathroom was designed in limestone (with the exception of one accent wall), to which we applied 3 coats of stone sealer, while an adding expense and time to the project, it will protect the stone and grout joints and ensure a good finish to the project.

In a move to get away from smaller tiles and too much grout in the shower we faceted the 12" x 12" tiles towards the shower drain. This eliminated the need for a mosaic tile which would normally be used for it's ease of "grading".

Toto Washlet Toilet
We used Hangrohe Axor Starck (by famed Architect Philippe Starck) plumbing fixtures and WetStyle Cube Freestanding Soaking Tub and Wall Hung vanities. This combination of clean lined materials made for a sophisticated unfussy look. Even  though this bathroom is larger than average, the use of wall hung vanities not only opens up the space, but makes the bathroom very easy to clean.

The Toto Washlet toilet finishes the suite with self-cleaning conveniences and a heated seat.

Robern Uplift medicine cabinets set against a blue and natural mosaic variegated "fettuccine" tile and the "cherry on top" Runtal Towel Warmer make this bathroom with Manhattan skyline views the perfect, well designed, personal, sanctuary after a long day.

In addition to using larger more contemporary tile, clients are also frequently opting for taller vanities and/or wall hung vanities with height flexibility and also adding more electrical outlets for additional bathroom appliances. In this bathroom, not only did we have wall outlets and outlets in the medicine cabinets, we added them in the vanity drawers, perfect for keeping a hair dryer!

While an average bathroom renovation may fall in very reasonably around $30-40,000 premium fixtures and tile can quickly raise the bar. It's important when using these specialty materials to make sure the contractor has the skill to install everything correctly. I always recommend asking neighbors and friends for referrals of contractors who have done recent good work. Often what sets Home Center tile and high Quality Porcelain tile that you find in a premium quality showroom apart is the higher temperatures at which the tile is fired. High heat forces the air bubbles out and makes for a more durable product that will perform better over the lifetime of the project.

If you are interested in the above project, please feel free to contact me.


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