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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Exciting Neighborhood Happenings and a 10 Year Anniversary Close to my Heart!

I suddenly feel like spring is in the air all over again! We have long talked about the end of this recession/economic slowdown...I don't want ot use the "D" word! But last week, sitting with my friend having lunch at Angelo & Maxie's on the corner of  East 19th and Park Avenue NYC, CNN reported that all data  supports the conclusion that the recession  ended in June of 2009, and we have been recovering steadily and incrementally ever since. WOW!

It was enough to make a girl go back to work and sell three new jobs...and that's exactly what happened.

Walking to the train that day, I passed through the brand new pedestrian walkway that was just plunked down clear in the middle of Broadway right  on Union Square where just a couple of weeks ago you had to watch your step as cars went whizzing around the square. This is only six blocks south of a similar arrangement of bistro tables and plantings in the shadows of the great Flatiron Building, it's  quaint, inviting, free,  and a great place to relax and read, drink a latte and soak up New York...what did they do with the cars though?

To add to the little hustle and bustle just across from the Flatiron on Broadway and 23rd a slpendid new shop "Eataly" has just opened offering all sorts of delicious ready to eat gourmet fare, flavors from all over the map and of course for New Yorkers--exotic delicious varieties of freshly brewed coffee right at the front door of the shop. Although I will say the store can get quite crowded, YUM! I can't wait till the line is short enough that I can run there at lunchtime!

And in that famous blink and you miss it New York timing, I was walking to work yesterday and realized that a previously boarded/papered up building was gleaming as I passed. It was open and un-intimate as a dress shop window, but filled with tables, and bright decor, clean, fresh, and inviting, only to look up and see it's the sister of Hill Country Barbeque Just a block away...but chicken, does that make it a sister or a cousin??? Bring it on, we needed a little more hub-ub.

Near and dear to my heart, and someone who inspired me in the early years I began specializing in kitchens 10 years ago is Steve Naphtali, acclaimed Kitchen Designer, featured on HGTV, and an attorney by trade. This weekend his company Kitchen Expressions of Short Hills is celebrating 10 Years in Business! This is an accomplishment in any market, but with tough economy that has faced New Jersey over the last three years, this is a testament to his staying power, his customer loyalty and dedication to his clients. Kitchen Expressions is a full custom shop that offers installation and contracting services, but will work with any contractor or architect the client wishes. Here's a shoutout to Steve, Richard, Annette and Leah, they are a fun creative animated team of professionals and I wish them so much more success, as we all watch for business to grow again! Stop in today and celebrate with them until 5pm.

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