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I have 20+ years experience in Home Furnishings and Interior Design, specializing in Kitchen and Bath Design since '01. I work for Bilotta Kitchens in the A&D Building on East 58th Street in the Mid-town Manhattan. I have a passion for learning and love the opportunity to collaberate on projects of all sizes. My strengths in the field begin with my design background, use of color and texture to bring interest to a room, spatial relationships, organizational skills, innovation, decisiveness, and planning. I have had the thrilling experience of helping hundreds...?maybe thousands of people with their projects, and what I love is it never gets boring, and no two are ever the same. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Social Media Gets Personal to a NYC Kitchen Designer

Part of this journey in business today is understanding that staying "current" isn't enough, you have to try to be ten steps ahead of what is current and throw out constraints of old narrowly defined roles, they just don't apply anymore. I will never again just be a Kitchen Designer thanks to Facebook, Twitter, blogging, LinkedIn, Slideshare, etc. Along with my co-Bloggers and Twitterparts, I am a writer, an advisor, a researcher, and a student of life, and on my best day: a conduit for what's about to be the latest thing, and when possible the eyes and ears to tell interested followers what pratfalls to avoid. It's up to all of us individually to to share all this with our audience in a fun colorful way, or lose you.
Staying completely "on topic" isn't always easy, the personal stuff does leak in, after all these outlets make it so easy to link posts. It's important to be careful if your goal is driving business not to play out life's drama in a self-indulgent way. When things are working the right way some of these associations do leave the web and become "business personal" and vice versa. As for the recent online debates over how intimate Twitters and status updates should become, I think it's okay to take some personal causes to your followers...but treat it like selling Girl Scout Cookies at work, it's not a condition of the relationship. If you are on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn you're inviting people to "write on your wall". In truth, I rarely write on anyone's wall unless you are a close friend.
For the record: I personally cringed when LinkedIn asked me to add my marital status to my profile.

When I entered this arena, a complete novice, not totally sure what it would do or what I would say; I was friended in some stroke of luck by Paul Anater, a Kitchen Designer from St. Petersburg, Florida. Paul's has incredible style and smooth delivery, he shares of his personal as well as his business story in a way that is engaging and thought provoking. He's an example of being in control of one's own self-growth and at the same time been a magnanimous rallier of the troops. Paul, with Charlie Kondek and Brizo was instrumental in assembling a group of writers/designers this past winter at an opportunity Brizo created to reveal the latest designs and futuristic technology they are bringing to life. We bonded as a group and became the Blogger19, there is a bustling fan page on Facebook, and if you want to keep up on the latest in Home Design it's a great place to check out. The energy of Paul and the other members has defined the network as an intimate useful open resource for all of us as we each develop our own niche on the social networking map.
Paul is one of those people whose hand is out to help and involve others in the good stuff he has going on, he has infectious energy and enthusiasm. In addition to the many other roles, he is a trainer now for Google and is at KBIS this week demonstrating their design program: SketchUp, he's is a great example of what we are here to drive and I encourage you to explore and follow Paul's Blog. Wishing Paul and the rest of the Blogger19, as well as Brizo a great week at KBIS 2010.


  1. Great post Aston! We will be thinking of you at KBIS!!

  2. Paul Anater is the best example Ive seen of social networking at it's best. Thank you so much for saluting him for all the right reasons

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