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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fashion Week a la Brizo-Jason Wu

Brizo, the high end designer division of Delta Faucet Company, the household name in faucets, is assembling a team of Bloggers and designers from all over the country,to meet in NYC for Fashion Week. Its's startling and flattering all at once, and an unexpexcted treat to get to see and meet the people who bring us our props, what we recommend and sell to the public everyday.
Brizo has built in a natural highlight to our trip, in between the Product Training Session, that helps us match their products to our customers, and the other activities, we'll attend the Fashion Show of acclaimed designer Jason Wu who designs a product line for Brizo, as well as Michelle Obama's inaugural gown, and a stunning couture line.

Mother nature has challenged almost all coming to NY with delays and flight cancellations as she pounded the east coast all day yesterday with weather ranging from blizzard conditions to hail. Living 25 minutes from NYC, I can tell you we have 10" of snow and there was hardly a moment all day thet we didn't have something white and wet falling on us.
But today, with sun out, and flights coming in, plans are back, on a slightly adjusted schedule, and the anticipation is even more heightened as we'll fit just as much learning and fun into a slightly shortened amount of time.
Looking forward to it all, and sharing it here!


  1. I always enjoy your posts, Aston! I've given you the Sunshine Blog Award @ http://nancysdailydish.blogspot.com/2010/02/sunshine-blog-award.html

    You can pick it up anytime!